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Press Release : Launch of Communities Together



Communities Together” is a strategic response for the Bellshill, Mossend and Thorniewood Areas launching – Monday 27th April 2020 – and is an umbrella group that pulls together the community response to Coronavirus.

Communities Together” has a two pronged approach, which will be managed through a dedicated contact number and email address. Operating out of the Bellshill YMCA – the organisation shall prepare food parcels for delivery to vulnerable people in the Bellshill, Mossend and Thorniewood communities during the COVID—19 pandemic. The Group will also support the collection and delivery of essentials including Prescriptions to vulnerable people and shopping for those who need a shopper. In addition, there will be signposting and guidance available via the helpline where people can be linked in to Befriending and/or the range of services available for a chat during the challenging times that we face. All of this has been brought together by a wide range of partners and volunteers in a short time to sustainably address the issues being faced by the community.

Commenting, Chair of Communities Together, Bellshill Councillor, Jordan Linden said:

“COVID-19 is the biggest challenge we and our communities have faced in our lifetimes and the measures we take to deal with it must reflect its magnitude. Indeed, the changes we are asking people to make are difficult, and will feel very different to normal life for many. And whilst it remains absolutely vital that we continue to adhere to these measures to slow down the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives. It is equally important that we support the most vulnerable in our Communities.

Communities Together has been born out of local people contacting me and others to set up a way of co-ordinating and pulling together the strands of help across our community and to provide all of that from a central point in partnership with others.

To access our support services or to volunteer with us please call 01698 74 74 83 between 8AM and 6PM or email – seven days a week.

Truly, our aim is to bring communities together through our organisation during the Coronavirus battle.”

Vice Chair, Claire McElroy, Health Improvement Senior, NHS Lanarkshire added “The community response to COVID–19 has been overwhelming. Communities are coming together to work for their communities and others, to support and encourage; this is testament to how vital our communities are to addressing issues like this and others.

Communities Together has been a raft of partnership working across the board and has further strengthened partnerships across Bellshill locality. We are aware that this is no mean feat, but know with the support of the community and volunteers we will be able to overcome the COVID-19 virus, following government guidelines and providing a service for the locality.

We will support individuals within the community and ensure that people are signposted where appropriate to ensure that we can support and empower the community both during and after COVID-19